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It’s ok

The video I was making ended up stopping by itself and it wasn’t in the saved videos so if you can please fix that for me.

What the?!...

This morning I opened my iPhone and noticed that this app was recording on its own!!...It works great when I AM recording...where are my recordings going?...who is recording me typing in my usernames and passwords?...D E L E T E!!


You can only record your screen for 15 seconds for free. Waste of time.

One thing would make it better

Don’t get me wrong I love this app but one thing that would make it a 5 star is if it had a face cam

This app is awesome

This app is good for iOS gaming vlog’s


It says device not supported!!

Good until now

Ok, so I was recording like always for a YouTube video but then ohh the app needs a upgrade so I upgraded the app and then I finished recording my video but then I try to pass it on to my camera roll and it won’t let me it happened right after the upgrade so umm I was wondering if u guys could upgrade it please 😐


I really wish that I could save my videos to my camera roll without paying...

I love this app!

This app is incredible! I’ve seen many apps like it and most wouldn’t even have audio or would mess up the screen of the video. Though I see most people complaining only because they refuse to pay the $3.99 for better quality, ability to share(only one I do not like), more/unlimited recording time and more. Well boohoo you can’t pay $3.99 for a great recording app but you pay $300 for a electronic to write a review on? Like seriously! It’s only $3.99 and though I can see only one problem(which is the ability to pay money in order to share it)these people think they can spot many problems. But this is my review and I don’t see anything wrong with the app and in fact compared to most of the screen recording apps which makes your voice sound like it’s through a tunnel, the video having way to much lag and the makers of those kind of apps seem to be grabbing your wallet every 30 Seconds is a relief to see that this FREE app gives u the options to remove ads(not even that much of ads),unlimited recording and more! This is the perfect blessing for Youtubers, Game Reviews, And more! I hope they do reconsider though making the ability to share free.



I would say a like it

I really love this, me and my cousins get to do really fun stuff with it record our favorite games, react to what we just made and all that stuff! But if we just stop for a little while it’ll say that we’re numb and can’t record the rest, but I don’t know if that happens to anyone else but it happens to ME. But overall really love the app good job :D

Just doesn’t work

I have an iPad and really want to record videos but u can’t even get past the first step without it not working please fix


After I deleted the app i still had the option to screen record and I don’t want that

This is a bad app

I don’t like it because when I tapped save to the app when I was done it didn’t save it to the app and now I lost it

Great..but a few problems

Great app! I download it. It’s simple and effective for recording something on your screen. However, there is one problem. If you record the screen recording with sound and post it to yt, the sound doesn’t appear. It’s really weird....

Love it! The only app I could have used anyways

Check out my channel btw it’s called Roxy mangled kid. Ok so the app, it’s awesome!! The best app I could have used. Also if no one knows I use it whenever I have to upload a vid on YouTube. Also, if no one knows when you edit it, you can change the screen (tilt) And so the app is very useful, I haven’t seen any bugs honestly. Thank you for reading my review!

It’s A Great App but it doesn’t capture the whole screen

It ok


The app is great!!! Nothing wrong with it all!!! It really help me to record Roblox vids!

Sideways Record?

Well honestly it’s pretty good but every time I record it sideways it always stays vertical and that’s what really bugs me. It’s over all good.


I found this app when i wanted to start Youtube, and so far it’s working great! The Quality of the videos is so well! I’ve gotten over 300+ views! thanks to this screen recorder. Keep up the good work!


App doesn’t record sound. Once uninstalled, the screen record remains in the control center


I just want to say, why do i have to pay if the recording is long...i don’t want too.

Good, but doesn’t work great

The app is pretty good, but when I record a video the next one I try to do doesn’t work. And when I try to record the face cam the words don’t match up with my face. App would be so much better without having any of the bugs. Thanks for reading

Audio Glitch

The audio recorded from whatever I’m doing doesn’t work in the app when I go to edit it, and I found that it only does work after I open and close the face cam. Please fix this.

Are you serious

Ok, it’s good for recording. Well, sort of. It records well, but when I tried to upload it to (tick tok) there was no sound to it at all.

I can’t get it to stop recording!edit:



Dude this is so cool now I can record this to YouTube

Let it share for free

The thing that I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t let you share it without you paying that I don’t like I will rate it a five if you can change that plz


Great app. It is really easy to use. It will malfunction a little after a while but almost all apps have a little glitch every know and then.

Not free

This app’s free to purchase is a cheap scam. You can’t even save the video without paying in app.

U have to pay to share the videos?

Soooo why did u have to make us purchase the pro just to share our videos? That’s dumb. Seriously why? Now I can’t make my vids anymore 😡😡

I gave it a 3 star because

It was really good but now for some reason it wont let me stop the recording?



I love it

It helps me with my YouTube channel wacky wyatt it currently has eight subs but I’d check it out though

Record button dose not work

I did all the steps but the record button is still gray can tell me how to fix it?


I deleted it because it was not working so I decided to use my normal camera app. When I entered my camera app, the video selection was not there. I restarted my phone several times, but still the video choice was gone and now I have no way to get it back.


The app is helpful for my channel but I wish they would make so you can do face cam while recording

The audio doesn’t work

When I started using this I was exited to do recordings, but it doesn’t record the audio. But the quality is very well I would give it a higher score if the audio worked. Thank you!


This is fake it doesn’t work cause I’m on iPod Touch it should work


I spent time recording for about only 8 minutes, and first it shut off so I had to start over and then when I wanted to save it I had to pay!

I have my complaints

I don’t nessasarly like it when you add in app purchases for a premium mode Things such as transportating videos SHOULD NOT cost money to do I still enjoy it things like the face cam is very nice But yeah… 3 stars


It won’t let me share my videos because it keeps asking me to buy record it pro I’m not wasting 4 dollars for my editing app

Please read before downloading this app!

It’s a really good app but it needs some more good quality! Like if I’m listening to Spotify while recording a video the music won’t be on the video or if you react to a video there will be no sound.

Great and goooood

This is a really good app those who say this is bad shut up


This app is a ripoff! I can’t even save my videos to photo app! My dream to be a YouTuber is completely crushed. But at least it recorded stuff.

5 star

I post my videos on this and it the best

Don’t waste your money

This app is GARBAGE. It lags every second and stops recording so you can only record for 5 minutes

Great App (Recommended)

For me, this app does everything I need. It allows me to share links, record all audio tracks, and record smoothly! It also doesn’t require your email/password. This review isn’t long, but this is my most definitely #1 recommend screen recording app.

It’s ok

The app isn’t all bad. I just wish you didn’t have to pay to record for a long time

It never works when I want it to

This app is a great app and works very well, but when I make a good video it never loads the video and the video completely deletes itself when the video takes to long or whenever it feels like it. I hope the creators can fix this bug soon before it gets out of hand.

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