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Fix the Mic

The mic is broken! I can’t hear myself when it’s turned off or on! I have no idea whether or not the mic actually works!


The app is good mostly but the bad thing is that you have to pay to share your video

It won’t record!

I did everything I was supposed to do.. but when I swipe up on control center and press the screen recorder icon, it doesn’t do anything! I don’t know if there’s a problem with the phone or the app or both, what am I doing wrong?!


The microphone isn’t working within the app

It’s good but it’s need bug fixing

I was using it and it wouldn’t let me turn it off and the audio doesn’t work. I was screen recording and then when I was done it wouldn’t turn off and none of my recodings saved. I would get it, but without the bugs

No video?



Okay so first it is a really good app but the microphone of the app to record ur voice first works and then it doesn’t and I downloaded another app and it does work so that’s why I’m just giving one ⭐️

June 22 2018

Hi! I only gave this a four star rating because it will not let me screen record. I scroll up and the button I am supposed to press is faded. I tap on it and it makes this noise and doesn’t do anything but make the noise. I have the iPhone 6S from Apple👍 Otherwise your app is a success

Audio stopped recording randomly

I love how easy this is to use but randomly it won’t record audio and it’s really frustrating!

Ummm no..

This app does not even work on my phone! I did all the steps right it is is just gray!! I can’t record anything please don’t download this only if it works for you I have an iPhone 6s+

I Love This Screen Recorder

I only had this App for a day AND I ALREADY LOVE IT. This has been the best app that I downloaded for recording my games that I have. I still kinda use the fake apps but I use this one the most than the other ones. I don’t know what I will do if this app wasn’t created. Thank you for making this app

great but one thing

you should be able to stop the recording by just tapping on it again. you shouldnt have to hold it down to open it and then press stop broadcasting. and if i just click it (like how it should be) it just deletes my recording like what the heck!! but overall good

Great App😁

This App is extremely useful in recording music to listen to off YouTube instead of paying for downloads!!!😁😁😁Highly Recommend

Can’t save videos to gallery

I love this app don’t get me wrong, but you just can’t save the videos you made to your real gallery:(

No sound.

This does a good job, but I’d like to see items being “clicked” and hear the sound from my screen.


Once I tried this app I was in shock! I thoughtful was going to be like one of those rip off apps that make you download separate parts and all that stuff but no! It is one easy application on to my IPhone! Now I can make easy to go videos with audio on my YouTube channel! The only thing I would fix is that you can use the facecam during the video rather than just to reacting to it after. I don’t know i that is already is a feature and if it is please do tell me so! But either than that this app is great for screen recording with audio! Thank you so much for making this app!

This app just wasn’t ready for the App Store.

I am really sorry, but this app just isn’t ready for use. It’s a great idea and seems like a nice design, but for anyone using YouTube this app just does not cut it. Here are the problems: 1. It takes around ten minutes for it to deliver the recording to your camera roll 2. It is not clear whether it is recording or not, and it says that it’s recording way after it is done. 3. The app is confusing and it basically has nothing on it. 4. There has been more than one time that I’ve recorded an entire video and the footage deleted. So overall, it has some kinks to work out. However, I’m sure the developers will be able to, and I hope that this app comes back better. Thank you so much for reading this! Floofybean

Hmmmm I like it

It works good for roblox so good i wish I could make app

Read this before installing!

I did everything the instruction video told me to do, and yet, when I went to go use it EXACTLY how I was told to, IT DID. NOT. WORK!!!! I am very angry at how this turned out. I would like a response back saying why this did not work. I have an iPhone 5s, so is it not compatible? I hoped more for this app than this.

Love it and you should know about this

I remember that one day I was doing something and I accidentally pushed something to allow my location I pushed no and kept on recording I thought I was recording but actually when I pressed the thing it stopped recording so luckily it stopped when that happened

I like it

I find this app very useful and it is really helpful that you can edit your videos


It works great but I wish there was an option to make it so you can record sound to.

No sound??

It was all cool until we checked out the video and there was no voice recording and when we firmly held the record button nothing happened besides it saying the 3 2 1


It’s ok when you don’t want to record something on your phone with sound but you can’t do it with sound and that really bothers me.


I love this app. It is super helpful if you are trying to show people how to do things. I use it all the time and never have any trouble with it. This is the only creep recording app I have often and I don’t need to get another one instead. Overall this app is super great and there are no adds ever. I really recommend this app!

Help Please

I love this app it’s really good but i animate on FlipAClip and at first it was working but after a while it would no longer let me record FlipAClip. I tried recording something else and that worked so it’s JUST FlipAClip. Please help, or fix this.

Just why

I use this to record my edited videos and like I have to edit it agin because you have to go to the bottom on your phone swipe up and stop recording and it records that part I will probably delete this app after this

Good but...

This app is good but I don’t like that there is no audio and no face cam but good

Good but confused

It’s great, it allows me to record my screen and adds the ability to talk in my recordings but I can’t seem to be able to record the sounds in my phone. I’m not sure if I just can’t find it or it’s not an option, if it is the second one, it would be very appreciated :3


Never saves

it’s ok...

this app is ok and it does it’s job although doesn’t always save to your camera roll and sometimes were recording something that is pretty important or trying to get prove to your friends that you did something and when you do it you can’t always do it again and what do you do if it doesn’t save to your camera roll? You can never get that back again.

Perfect app for my Roblox videos

I have always, always wanted Roblox videos and to post them on YouTube, but this is the perfect app! These you tubers, Funneh, GoldenGlare, CookieSwirlC, Denis, Alex, and those other peeple that play Roblox on youtube might have this app, (unless they don’t have a iPad or phone). This app is perfect for me😊!This captures my screen which means I don’t have to use another one of my dad’s devices, such as his tiny phone or giant iPad on my iPad!


Wooow mine doesn’t even work! Woooow wow that that’s just wow Very......Impressive??? Nice try this this is just horrible........I’m rlly disappointed in u! *looks around the room annoyed* Sigh.....REALLY!

Pay to share?!?!

So I have a few things to say about this app. 1.) You have to PAY just to share a video!!! Like, what the heck! 2.)Even though you have to pay there are some good things about it. Like how it has really great recording graphics! 3.) It records your voice really well. So overall if you are very cheap then I would NOT recommend this app. But if you have the money ($3.99) then go ahead.

I can’t get it to work

I have a iPhone 6 with iOS 11 and it wouldn’t let me record help

Good but don’t know how to use face cam

Idk how to use face plz put a tutorial on how to activate face cam


People keep on complaining about this game! I don’t know why you’re doing it but I might not get it cause I’m just a stupid little child who had this for two weeks!! And there was this one star one that really got me mad because I read it all and this app is great I don’t know what he was complaining about. I did this 5/5 because it’s so great after I can Up load it to YouTube when I am done! You guys are just lost souls and jealous because you couldn’t make great game like this one!!! Anyone who is deciding to download this download it. Well that’s all he had to say. And if you’re wondering what what my YouTube is it is crazy Kayori. Most of my stuff there is from here so download it it’s awesome we are awesome I am awesome for writing this good review!!!😇😇👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😍😍😁😁

Needs a face cam

All it needs to be the best recorder ever is to put a face cam on it please do this I need it for my YouTube channel

Good app but something off...

Ok so the app works great on ipad but on my iPhone sometimes it doesn’t want to stop recording my screen for games or video reactions i make, plz check that out and fix

Not working

It used to work but now when I try to record my screen, it goes black. Can anyone help?


This is not what I thought it was, so I just wanted to warn you people. IT DOES NOT RECORD YOUR FACE WHILE YOU MAKE THE VIDEO!!! You add a different video to the screen recording as your reaction. Maybe I misunderstood what this app was for, but if you want to make YouTube videos, then LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!


I’m sorry but I’m very disappointed in this app ,because it was working all fine until I had to edit the video and all the audio was gone!I really dislike this because I can’t edit this video without sound I don’t understand why anyone would want this app, when you can’t even hear your own voice.

Would give 0 stars

This is absolutely terrible. Atrocious. It only allows you to record things on the app and not leave the app. It is false advertising and do not download this app if you are looking for a decent screen recorder.

It’s kind of good...

Whenever you go to apps that are landscape, it stays in portrait mode. WHY

It doesn’t work

It’s not working !!!!

No audio

Doesn’t record audio smh

It won’t work

It will record and when I click the end button it stops recording and doesn’t save my video!

Well not really well

Every time when I start recording sometimes the recorder stops and I’m trying to like turn it back on but I cant it’s just a problem I have to wait until tommorow and it’s frustrating but I still like the screen recorder :)

Pretty good

I think this app is awesome but it sometimes just stops on me

Won’t get rid of the screen recorder option when the menu is opened up.

Can you fix that?

  • send link to app